Were the beatles mods or rockers?

Were the beatles mods or rockers?


British artist Pete McKee (Sheffield, 1966), one of the most active and recognized artists dedicated to music illustration, has a clear answer. The decisive moment for the Beatles occurred in the barbershop where their greasy toupees were cut off to replace them with the four most valuable cupped manes in history.

John Lennon explained the situation by saying that it was the moment when the Beatles changed “from rockers to mockers” (mocker is a cross between the names of the two opposing youth gangs of the sixties, rockers and mods, but it is also used to express disgust when someone waters your party).

In the exhibition of drawings, on display at the Snap Galleries in London, we do not see Jimi Hendrix burning his Fender guitar on stage at the Monterey Festival, but how he buys, moments before, the lighter fuel he used for the incineration.

the beatles

Without George Martin there would not have been the Beatles as we know them, probably they would have remained just another band from Liverpool or they would have been others. They owe their results, their style to him; thanks to his creativity, his genius, his arrangements and compositions.

The Beatles did not want to give importance to their name; Lennon even said that the name was a play on words from the combination of “beetles” and the word “beat” which means rhythm.

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The way of exposing themselves physically and their new type of life, different, independent and free, in this case manifesting antimilitarism, peace and free love, women’s liberation, living in the present, creating a neo-existentialism, although always in groups forming communes and with great religious charges, from Buddhism to Christianity, made it easier to criticize, attack and create a new stereotype with the same characteristics as the “beat”.

But the strength of the “hippie” movement has been evident, it was more lasting, it spread worldwide, it had more followers and it kept fighting against the new countercultural “punk” movement, which was born in the middle of the “hippie” continuity and was the great enemy of the hippie movement.

cultural impact of the beatles

The Beatles were an English pop rock band of the 1960s that formed in the city of Liverpool, England in 1957 and disbanded in April 1970, which led the “British Invasion” in the United States. The group was composed of:

They were initially characterized by their rock and roll with roots in the 50s, but over the course of their career they experimented with many other genres from Tin Pan Alley to psychedelic rock. Their way of dressing, their style and their statements had an immense influence on society, revolutionizing the culture of the 60s.

At the end of 1966, a Parlophone compilation album called A Collection of Beatles’ Oldies was released, featuring old Beatles hits, including a previously unreleased track by rocker Larry Williams Bad Boy, from the Cavern Club era.

With the large number of songs composed in India and upon their return to London, they released the double LP The Beatles, better known as the “White Album”, in November 1968. This is the group’s most experimental album and demonstrates the talent of each of its members, not as a band, but as individuals.

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the beatlesrock band

I agree that they have songs that are a real pastiche, very overrated (for example, listen to the albums Let it be and Abbey Road … and you’ll tell me) but the press, the media, they have been praised … there they are: they will go down in history as one of the great groups.

And although they were great, they have albums considered as the first concept album (not a collection of singles) such as “Sgt Pepperes”, and they have wonderful songs. and they have wonderful songs, it pisses me off that other groups, with less hype than them, fell by the wayside.

It is known the anecdote of Ringo Star (whose son, currently sits at the drums of The Who … and we will see in July) who in the movie “A hard day’s night”, to the question of a journalist: “Are you a Mod or a Rocker?” … he answered, “Im a Mocker”. But it’s more an answer of his than something to heed.

Maybe I’ve written too much, but the subject is worth it, proof of how important these “Liverpool Mariachis”, as my grandfather calls them, continue to be. Thanks to those who have made it this far and may the polemic continue.Pop matters!Mod Cooper.

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